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Parent Teacher Committee

Volunteer Opportunities

Snack Closet             

Friday mornings 8:00am or 
afternoons beginning at 12:00 noon.

Parent Teacher Committee (PTC)

At Luther Public Schools our parents and teachers have one common goal—to enhance the education of our children through parental involvement and commitment.  The Luther PTC assists students and teachers at all three schools—elementary, middle, and high school.

There are a number of ways to volunteer—whether you work at home or away from home—whether you have an hour or a day.  We encourage you to check our webpage often to find ways you can help.  We also encourage you to share your ideas!  As parents and teachers we know the difference just one person can make. 

A passion for volunteerism not only enriches our school, but sets an example for our children that will last a lifetime.  By volunteering, our students are given the opportunity to see the progress that is made when people give of themselves.  In volunteering, we are building community leaders of the future one child at a time.  Remember…your time, talent, and energy are your most precious gifts.  Be a part of something great!  Remember….when you donate your time, you make a child smile.

 Core Values
The Parent Teacher Committee is committed to authentic engagement of
families/parents and school administrators/faculty/staff that reflects the following core values:

  • All parents have dreams for their children and want the best for them
  • All parents have the capacity to support their children’s learning
  • Parents and school staff should be equal partners in the education of children

The PTC encourages and supports parent involvement in a variety of ways, including basic parenting skills, volunteering, leadership, helping students learn at home, school-parent communications and collaborating with the community.